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Retro News: Bat Boglins Presale

The ‘80s were a goldmine of epic toys, so much so that I only had the opportunity to own and play with a select few (many of which I still own today). Although I gravitated to action figures and video games most of the time, there were also the weird, gross-out, monster toys that spoke to the dark heart beating inside my horror-lover’s chest. Toys like My Pet Monster and Creepy Crawlers are examples of things I drooled over yet never owned.

Another of those holy grails were Boglins. I would have mowed a hundred lawns (if my neighborhood in Brooklyn had lawns) to get one of those amazingly gross puppets. The things had basically been born of all my interests and all of my fantasies. It was as if a creature from Labyrinth had leapt off the screen and into my awaiting arms, only…it never did. Boglins were out of reach. My parents never bought me one, none of my friends had one, and I didn’t have enough money to buy one.

Over the years, I’d occasionally check eBay and consider dropping the $100+ people were asking for ratty, unboxed Boglins. I especially lusted after the pumpkin one, Blobkin, but of course those cost even more. I’d resigned myself to never owning one, and that was fine. That was perfectly okay because you know what? It’s not like we have to own every little piece of our—

Oh holy monster of the heavens what’s this!? A Boglins Kickstarter! Forget everything I said. I needs it, my precious. I wants it!

Ahem. That is to say, I backed the 2021 Kickstarter so fast that my keyboard caught fire. The prices were a little high (for poor, little me), and they locked Blobkin behind a pay wall, so I only bought one and kept my fingers crossed that the toys would be available later down the road.

Well, welcome to later down the road, where many varieties of Boglins are easily acquired online for even cheaper prices than they were during the Kickstarter. Full price for most varieties is $39.88, but they seem to pop up at sale prices quite often now too. If you have wanted a Boglin, I’d say this is the best time to buy.

That brings us the “news” part of this article. As reported on the Boglin Facebook group, “Pre-Sales for Bat Boglins and King Sponk will take place on May 24th at 6:00 pm (EST), as part of a global launch event!” Worth noting, it does sound like at least one of these will be limited: “Fear Bat Boglin Orlock - the third and most collectible Bat Boglin in the set - unlike Drak and Vlad, only 1000 of Orlock will EVER be made.” This suggests the others will have much larger runs like previous iterations.

The presale will be limited to and BigBadToyStore in the US, at Lost Universe in the UK, and at in Europe.

I’m astonished that we live in a world where long-desired toys of our youth come back into production, allowing us to own a piece of our lost childhoods. I’ve become less materialistic over these past few years, but when an opportunity like this comes along, I am not one to let it pass me by.



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